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A person who belongs to a relatively small subculture of people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals. Anthropomorphic animals are fictional animals that have humanlike bodies and/or minds; the term “furry” is also used to describe such creatures.

Because of the wide range of preferences and opinions within the culture, furries tend to disagree on what establishes a person as a furry. To some it means having a spiritual connection to animals; some believe it depends solely on having a sexual attraction to anthropomorphic animals; others claim that a furry is any person who likes some kind of “anthro” animal, such as a cartoon character.

People who identify themselves as furries will often create anthro characters to represent themselves. The most common species are wolves and foxes, though a furry character can be any type of animal, even a mythical one such as a griffin or a dragon. These alternate personas (playfully called fursonas) are displayed proudly by their creators through art. Furry art is made in various styles and forms of media. Though sometimes controversial within the fandom, it is true that a great deal of these artworks are sexual.

Though most furry-related activity occurs on the internet as art, role-playing games, and chat rooms, there are also several furry conventions held. A small percentage of furries will wear full body costumes to these conventions. These costumes are based on their wearer's fursona and are called fursuits, and those who wear them are called fursuiters. Fursuiters and many furries who attend conventions are often considered “geeky” and obsessive about the furry fandom and “geeky” things in general; however, these assertions are not true of the entire fandom. Most furries are not obsessive and have other hobbies and interests.

Some frustrating misconceptions towards furries is that they engage in beastiality and that they have sex while wearing fursuits. These allegations are very untrue with the exception of a very small number of people. It is true, however, that most male furries are gay or bisexual. Most furries are essentially ordinary people who live normal lives.
I'm a furry and I'd rather be an anthropomorphic wolf than a human.
by Ghost That Never Lies May 12, 2007

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