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See: Altland. Often consumes too much alcohol to maintain a state of proper human being. Such actions include repeated rambling, yelling, inability to stand up on two feet, and in worst case sloppiness episodes, puking.
GFD (God fucking damnit) Altland is sloppy again.
by GetoffMe January 10, 2005

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(v) to be extremely lazy, refraining from situations that involve energy such as physical activity and or body movement.
(n) one who refuses to do anything benificial with their time
Yo what are you doing man, you tryin to go to the Y?
Na man, i got shit to do. I gotta smackass from at least 12-4. Yeeeahhh
by getoffme January 18, 2005

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The smoothest, most intellectual rapper of our time. He can be mainstream and hood at the same time because he's that fucking good. His beef with Nas gave Nas the career that he has.
Well in these times, well at least to me
There's a lot of rappers out there tryin to sound like Jay-Z
I'll help you out, here's what you do
You gonna need a wide lens cause that's a VERR' big shoe
by GetOffMe December 29, 2005

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