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1) When lifting weight, the act of adding on more weight and doing more reps than you thought you could do with the original amount of weight; maximum exertion.

2) An overall way of life which one goes above and beyond personal expectations.

*Origins: formed from the words repetitions and attitude, reptitude is a personal mind set focused on consistently outperforming expectations. While its origins are in the gym, reptitude has become a way of life for many outside as well.

Other forms: Reptitudical
1) He called me out on the triceps machine so I put on more weight and did more reps than I ever thought I could - REPTITUDE!!!

2) Everyone told him he'd never be able to do it, and he did, twice as fast as he ever though he'd be able to - REPTITUDE!!!

3) That dude was getting REPTITUDICAL in the gym today - REPTITUDICAL!!!
by GetHuge315 February 28, 2011

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