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A group of people who pretend to be hippies each during the fourth of July. They illegally gather in pristine wilderness areas in gatherings of 20,000 people or more. These gatherings frequently devastate the immediate environment and destroy endangered plant species. Rainbow family latrines commonly contaminate water sources near their gathering sites. Despite having stolen much of their ideology from First Nations peoples, they routinely ignore tribal elders requests for them not to gather on sacred native areas. Though they claim not to have any well-defined beliefs, rainbow family participants are something of a monoculture. Likewise, though they are called the rainbow family, there is much less ethnic diversity than one might think. Like the primitive cultures they appear to mimic, rainbow family society tends to expect women to do much more of the labor that makes their festivals possible than men. Despite all the talk of spirit and love and other nebulous concepts, they think little of stealing from outsiders if money runs short.
Oh my god, there's going to be a Rainbow Family gathering near here this year. We need new locks.
by Gerbil 990990624 February 08, 2011

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