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an "emo kid" doesn't exist. "emo" is a genre of music. Also you are who you want to be and nobody can ever ever take that away from you, so if someone would like to call themselves "emo" then so be it. but i know what people mean when they say they're emo. however do you notice... that the "real emo people" in other words people who fit your typical "emo kid " discription dont call themselves emo. but fakers tend to do so. becuase "lyke omg im lyke so emo with my lyke pink fury leopeard converse and my juicy tracksuit that ive like custonmised with d&g shades"... are not "emo". or people who calim to be depressed. becasue real "emo" people dont. they are mousy quiet and dont bother to tell anyone about themselves apart form theyre very close knite circle of friends.
tthe real "emo kid" doesnt state that they are emo. doesnt cry for help. they do what they want to do and they are not purposely meliscious nor do they want anyone to think about them
by Georgie M December 20, 2005
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