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Idiots whose whole life revolve around sports, trying to seem superior, and bullying other people. They often do well socially in high school, getting lots of friends (many who actually hang around with them out of fear of being bullied), getting the sluts to sleep with them, and winning sports awards. They like to bully nerds, particularly ones that do well in lessons and dislike well known sports. After high school they suddenly realise they've hardly got any good qualifications, and the sluts abandon them for more succesful people. Jocks are often idiots because of one of their parents (usually their father) raising them to hate everyone else in the world apart from people who are like them, and can sometimes have extreme views as a result of this. In Britain, jocks tend to fit in with the chav subculture.

Common insults include 'you're shit at sports 'nerd' 'geek' 'dork' 'gay boy' and many more.
--A school in the present day--
Ed (Jock): Hey look! Here come's Harold! Hey Harold! You geek! You're a disgrace at sports!
Matt (Jock's follower): Yeah Harold, you don't even know how to handle balls! Hahahahah!
Harold: Er...er....

--20 years later--
Harold (success with a family and decent life): Hey Ed, what are you doing on the street?
Ed: Harold! Is that you? Oh my god! Please! I need some money! I can't pay my rent!
*Harold laughs*
by Geddo August 28, 2007
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