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A team that claims the title of 3rd most World series wins and 2nd most world series appearances. Anyone who actually knows anything about baseball knows who the A's are. The A's have a bad tendency of being a farm team and trading off all of their good players, which in effect, makes them "suck" or so everyone believes. Most Giants fans were A's fans at one point, but because all of the fags in San Fransisco are fairweather fans they switched across the bay bridge when the Giants won the world series once in 2010. The A's have a long-lived rivalry with the New York Yankees and have always been second best. The A's originally started in Philadelphia, moving to Kansas City, then finally Oakland. Rumors state the A's could be moving to San Jose.
The Oakland Athletics squashed the Giants in the '89 World series at AT&T park 4 games to 0.
by GammehNumNumz February 11, 2011

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