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A period of time where the Game Grumps are in a rut. Also known as the excrement of a dolphin after he's jizzed and bled.
"Yea the Game Grumps new episode was kind of lacking, I think they might be in a grut."

"Oh my god! Did you see that dolphin at Sea World grut everywhere?!?"
by Gamfel Garsh April 17, 2013

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Quite possibly the worst game ever made. Some say the developers and producers on the Sonic Team at this time where heavily into cocaine and possibly other drugs and had no idea how bad this game actually was. Others say that this was actually just the test game for Sonic '07 that was rushed out way to early. No one knows for sure, but they do know that it's awful, just awful, and should never be seen by human eyes.
"Hey, did you play that copy of Sonic '06 that I lent to you?"
"I don't think we can be friends anymore..."
by Gamfel Garsh April 20, 2013

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