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2 definitions by Gamemaster2468

The phychological effect on the mind by eating to much sugar. While on a Sugar High, you will get a strong boost of energy, and it will also make you act happy, crazy, silly, and goofy. You may even want to eat more sugar. When the effects wear off, you will be drained out and very tired.
Person 1: Don't you feel like you had enough candy?

Person 2: No way man. Besides, nothing will happen to me anyways.
Person 1: Except you getting a sugar high.

Person 2: Ya right. (Eats more candy, and gets a very goofy grin on face)
Person 1: I knew it.
by Gamemaster2468 February 16, 2017
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To act crazy and foolish.
Person 1: Did you hear about that girl the other day?
Person 2: You mean the one who acted like a little child and was bouncing off the walls?
Person 1: Ya. She must've had a lot of sweets that day, she was really cuckoo.
by Gamemaster2468 February 17, 2017
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