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The mind flute is the ability to add the comforting tune of a good flute to any song you might be happen to be around with your mind, without even the need of a flute or the ability to play the flute at all. This unique power also give you the power to teach random children how to sing and play the guitar.

This power is best exhibited by "Maria" from the musical "The sound of music". This particular example of the mind flute is best portrayed in the 1961 Australian production of the musical. This musical shows a single example of the Mind Flute though Maria who obviously exerts this power.
{Person 1}:
However will we get someone in time to play flute at out concert?

{Person 2}:
Don't worry! I can use Mind Flute we are fine.

{Person 1}:
OH! why didn't you say so!
by Gamee March 08, 2009

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