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A shibboleth used by poseurs attracted to the appearance of intelligence rather than actual intelligence. People genuinely attracted to intelligence know that the word “intelligence” is derived from the Latin “intelligere”; that the Latin participle for wisdom is “sapiens,” not “sapio”; and that the Latin “sapio” means something that tastes good.
I totally identify as a sapiosexual so I find that guy with the bowler hat and handlebar mustache banging out his screenplay at the coffee shop on his Royal typewriter while sipping his no-foam, decaf, soy latte and stroking his monkey totally hot. What? No, seriously. He’s got a for real monkey. He must be smart.
by Gajillion December 12, 2014

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Schlicking, or flicking the bean. Female masturbation.
Naomi Watts painful attempts at ringing the taco bell in "Mulholland Drive" is disturbing to all but the most sadistic individuals.
by Gajillion September 05, 2011

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