2 definitions by GT-Ketan

damn straight, coolest guy hands down, except me, well i guess we're tied, best friend anyone could ever want, represents dem guju's to the fullest fo sho!
chetesh is my dawg, and damn his sister is mad fi... no no just playing, never again, ok we stopped...
by GT-Ketan March 18, 2004
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The best part of India, where all the playas are born and raised. I don't wanna hear shit about bein cheap, why is yo ass is workin day in and day out workin for some white boy, while we own every freakin hotel, motel, gas-station and subway you've ever seen.

P.S. If you're a fob, use some f*ckin deodorant for krishna's sake.
The Gujarat theme song - "I don't know what ya heard about me, but ya can't get a dolla outta me... i'm a motherf*ckin P.I.M.P"
by GT-Ketan March 17, 2004
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