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Graffitti art/inspirational work done by the girl's lacrosse team at Lenape High School on the school's walkway to its senior parking lot. At first sight, many students were enamored by the work's combination of inspirational depth and straight gangstaness. Some students even joked that it had "G-Dep" (Bad Boy rapper, one of Puff Daddy's old protege's). This has the potential to become a Lenape Legend, Though not a student, it still has gained fame amongst the student body. Its message will live on forever. For the most part, a consensus has been reached amongst the Lenape family that the girl's lacrosse team created this art work that is One Chance. Yet, there are some students who beleive that it was created by an individual student, to holla at a hoochie.
"Shoot, did yall see One Chance?"
"What was that One Chance about on the sidewalk from the dirt lot to the school?"
"Girl's Lacrosse better win State's, they only got One Chance though"
by GP The New School Glove August 09, 2006

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