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a lame show that I watched when I was 9. Its about some guy named goku who spends about 60 episode let me repeat that 60 EPISODES fighting a bad guy. Worse yet the fights are garbage and the show is always doing one of these things.
1) characters staring at awe at someones power
2) powering up
3) fighting in poorly drawn fights
4) having about 30 seconds of plot progress per episode
5) showing every characters reaction to something no matter how insignificant they are. ex- Chi-chi fainting all the goodamn time while watchting the fight through a crystal ball.
6) grunting.
trust me watch better anime heres 4 betters ones
1) cowboy bebop
2) Trigun
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion
4) Slayers
by GOOD GOD what a crap show December 02, 2003

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