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Young One, or Young Ones in plural, is the official fandom name for American singer songwriter, Tiffany Young.

The name 'Young One' contains a triple meaning:

1. 'Young One' has similar pronunciation to the word '영원' in Korean, which stands for forever. Tiffany Young states that the name ''Young One' would express the meaning that the fans are her forever.

2. The word 'Young' in 'Young One' is Tiffany's middle name, which added a personal touch to the fandom name.

3. 'Young One' rhymes with 'SONE' (pronounced as "sowon") which is the name for Girls' Generation's fandom, relating to the singer's roots as she debuted as and is part of the number 1 girl group, Girls Generation.
No matter if you are a young one or a sone, we all love and support Tiffany Young unconditionally.
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by GG4EVER April 28, 2019

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