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aim abbreviation for o my god shut the fuck up...if u dont know this yur a freaking n00b...now stfu
teacher: y r u always talking in class?
me: omgstfu, u stupid bitch
by G UNIT!!! September 03, 2004

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round hurr its like BLADADADARATT!!! KILLAH!!! used mostly by stupid band dorks who dont really care who hears them and just have fun screaming it and making the computer say it cuz its retarded
i screamed BLADADADARATT!!! and my fellow band dork screamed back KILLAH!!! *black man hears us* "man wa da heyull u doing u stupit cracka? ima pop a cap in yo domepiece muthafu***!" *runs away while screaming the blood call and laughing*
by G UNIT!!! October 27, 2004

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