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The sex between to females. know as lesbian sex or fucking can happen with a dildo
when i came home from work i walked in on my girl fingering herself. she then stood up and told me to eat her out witch i did. after a min she cum all over my mouth. after i sucked her dry i stood up and started kissing her. then she riped off my cloths and went straight to my 36DD and started sucking them. while i was pinching her nipples she fingered my soaking wet pussy. then she started rubbing her pussy againts mine and she was now soaked as me. befor i came i pushed her down and turned around and started eating her out again. then she started licking my juice off my pussy, and sucking real hard. then i shot my chum right in her mouth.befor i could make her cum she got up and went into r bed room and came out with my dildo. i spread my legs wide when she sat infrount of me. then she ramed my 15" cock into my pussy. befor i knew it i was cumming and she was licking me up. it was the best lesbian sex i had that week.
by FuckMeGurl July 08, 2006

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