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when you blow your load in your significant others mouth and then get shaved pubic hair and put it on her face. she didn’t want it so she kicks you in the head with the back of her leg making her look like an angry iguana
Gene: Yo perry didn’t you fuck that chic last night?

Perry: yeah dude I gave her the classic angry iguana

Gene: that’s dope bro!
by Frrshawn September 10, 2019

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When your girl is acting up so you shoot your load in your hand, make a fist and shove it up your significant other. You then open your hand wide and paralyze them, making your hand look like and angry starfish.
Ck: yo my girls been a bitch recently. Any suggestions?
Freesh: Yeah... in the bedroom, just give them the elite ass, godtier, angry starfish
by Frrshawn January 03, 2020

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