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A translated contemporary version of the word, Hero. A Henry will rise to the occasion when most needed, especially during times of epic battle and interstellar confliect. It is good to have a Henry in your friend group and/or family because during an alien invasion or attack of super villians, the Henry will then disappear only to re-appear as a Hero of some type, Superhero or galatic warrior sent through time and space. Henry is usually also the name of the Hero's alter ego, so if you know someone named Henry, odds are that person is a Hero of sometype. The actual superhero name is unknown, though if you have only one superhero, you can bet that its a Henry behind that mask or cape. Don't forget that if its a women, then her name is probably Henrietta!
#1 It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Henry!

#2 Lady: Run, it's a giant teddy bear stomping through Manhatten!

Man: Eh...don't worry about it. Henry will take care of it. Won't you, Henry?

Henry: (Silence because he's no where to be found)

Man: Look at that, he's on it already! (Points up to the sky where a caped figure is flying in, heading towards the giant teddy bear)
by Frostylad February 05, 2010

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