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(Disease)(Highschool) Similar to Senioritis, however found in younger individuals and have some differing symptoms. those of Freshmenitis include:

Constant talking of what will be done when able to drive.

Depression due to the knowledge that you have 3 more years of high school.

Not being able to "get any" simply because you have nowhere to do so.

Parents constantly questioning about alcohol and drug use.

The decision to "fuck homework" because colleges supposedly don't check this year.

Some people find you to be annoying, because you think you are cooler than you actually are.

The realization that you can get: alcohol, tins, nug, etc; if only you had some money.

The realization that every girl, deep down just wants cock.

The loss of money, due to paying upperclassmen for rides to and from parties.

Treatment: none
Cure: Graduation
Person 1: "Yo look at Dan and Hugh, those studs no doubt have a serious case of Freshmenitis."

Person 2: "No, Hugh's just a bum, but Dan, he is seriously suffering!"
by Freshmenitis April 18, 2010

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