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Sparta is a rich white bred town full of kids with their heads up their own asses. I just moved here from Bergen County and all I hear is these faggots whine about their stupid problems. Like how "daddy didn't buy me that BMW" or "my life is so hard because i don't have a credit card at the age of 16." These kids are such pussies and are in need of a serious dose of reality and serious ass kickings. I can also count every minority in this town on my one hand. These kids also don't realize that everyone thinks that they're such faggots. Whenever I tell people in Sussex County that I live here they say things like "ouch" or "get away from me" or "i'm so sorry." I can't wait until i'm 18 so i can get the fuck away from these losers and their fucking ugly girls.
Next time your in Sparta beat up the first kid you see chances are they deserve it.
by Fresh Y May 03, 2006

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