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1. U.S.S.R.S.A.S. = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Seperation Anxiety Syndrome

This term started on a 2D virtual internet chatroom called Habbo Hotel, by a character known as Free-Loader. Free-Loader had at the time seen many of the workers from an army called Soviet Union {As owned by Soviet-Republic}, resign. However these workers could not remain resigned, since they felt incomplete in their life without it, thus they kept coming back. Thus in masses as people quit they simply kept returning over and over again, unable to stay away. Some can compare this addicition to that of heroin.

2. Sociologists believe that a person has a psychological need to belong to a group. Thus lonely people attend to such things as chatrooms to satisfy their need to belong and be accepted. Since USSR had provided freedom as it preached Communism, all the people could be part of it and preach whatever they wanted, weather it be on the far left or the far right of the political spectrum.
1. Deathwing43 just resigned and a few days later he returned. He has USSRSAS.
by Free-Loader October 07, 2007

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