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When a large (fat) man loses weight, he will lose his Man-boobs. The result will be sagging man breasts known as MAN CAKES. (Similar to a flat-chested woman's PAN CAKES)
My God, did you see that dude over there with the tank top on? He really needs to wear a bigger shirt to cover up those MAN CAKES he has.
by Fred Christensen February 06, 2006
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Named after the unfortunate guy who was the first know recipient of said act.
While giving anal sex your partner, knowingly or unknowingly expels fecal matter at a high volume and rate of velocity, covering your entire lower torso.
This is the act or receiving. To give is called giving a "Hot Chella".
My God, That drunk skank gave me a "Steamy Eric" while I was slammin' her ass. She just got up, grabbed her clothes and left. She didn't even offer to help clean up. Taco Bell and K-Y do not mix.
by Fred Christensen December 26, 2005
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