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Fred Figglehorn, youtube celeb. Lucas acts like a (5-year old) kid who is kindergarten, but actually Lucas is fourteen. Lucas started out making videos with his two cousins, Jon and Katie. There youtube channel is JKL Productions. Fred Figglehorn has a high pitched squeaky voice and talks extremly fast. To do this, im sure Lucas edits his video speed and sound ajustments. Fred has a crush on another kindergarten girl whos name is Judy. Jusy dosent like Fred though and she send him messages on her Zipit expressing how much she hates him. Fred hates Kevin, in many of his videos he declairs his despise for Kevin. Fred is the number one most subscribed all time on youtube. Recently Fred has guest starred on the show ICarly. His fame is reaching high levels, and it all started with youtube.

girl: omg, Fred Figglehorn is so funny!
boy: i know! i watched all of his videos today!
girl: ive seen all of them too.
boy: ahhh! i bought a Fred shirt! I bet you dont have a Fred shirt. ha ha.
girl: i actually have one in each color.
boy: oh thats hackin awesome!
girl: dont say hackin, thats Fred's word!
by Fred Fanatic February 23, 2009
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