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A game where 2 players kneel ass to ass and with one strand of anal beads the first player will take one end of the beads and place it half the bead count in their anus, while bent over on their knees the other opponent will place the other half in their ass, This next part is important, reach back and take your opponents hands while keeping your asses together then on the count of three release and drop to the floor revealing the winner, this is determined by who ever has the most beads left in their anus. This winner then gets what ever the wish from the other for as many days as beads left in their ass. There for we call this the wishbone

After playing The Wishbone with two beads remaining in Chelynne's tight baby doll ass hole and none left in Chris's loose mule asshole. Che got her wish to force him to fuck her repulsive room mate for the next two days.... While she watched.
by Freak lovers December 22, 2008

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