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An amazing user defined application in CampusVue that auto-packages student accounts and adjusts payment periods and disbursement dates under its own discretion. This "tool" is the thorn in the side of the Finance Relations Liaison's (FRL) daily existence as it seeks new and exiting misery to enthrall upon the FRL. It seeks to add confusion as is alters academic years, disbursement dates, and ledger cards until they are completely cattywampus.
Frank: "Hey Joe, could you take a look at this student's account? It looks all jacked up."
Joe: "Grad Date Tool (GDT)"
Frank: "But it was fine yesterday."

Joe: "Grad Date Tool"

Frank: "Is that your excuse for everything?"
Joe: "Yeah, pretty much"
by Frank Rizzo55 June 14, 2012
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