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The sudden avalanche of birthday greetings posted on facebook etc when someone notices its your birthday....particularly funny when someone incorrectly posts Happy Birthday and everyone follows suit!
Fran: "Michael, your birthday is definitely tomorrow isnt it?"

Michael: "10 years Fran, its been 10 years. Why?"

Fran: "Your cousin's started a Birthday Avalanche on your Fb profile!"
by Fran P April 17, 2009
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When trying to get the best mobile phone deal, you ask for your pac code to be sent and threaten to switch networks in the hope that they will give you a better discount.
Fran: "Michael they wont give me unlimited texts unless I sign for 24 months..."

Michael: "Give them a Pac Threat"

Fran: "...and they're saying £35/month too"

Michael: "Pac Threat"

Fran: "I'm getting my pac sent....wait she's checking with her manager, yup I got it!"
by Fran P April 08, 2009
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An experienced lover of the ladies who shares her wealth of knowledge to amuse and instruct her straight girlfs!
Kate, the resident L Word Yoda, paused the L-Word ep. yet again to take questions:

Amy "wait, what's she doing now?"
Fran: "so hang on that's just fingers?"
by Fran P March 19, 2009
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