When someone asks you who their date and or lover is.
Joe: Guess who I'm going to prom with?
You: Your cousin?
by xX-_<>UWU<>_-Xx October 15, 2019
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Like "yo momma" only... your cousin. Because this one is NOT way overused. And much cooler. Thanks to Kylie, Carolynne, and their tireless efforts to rid our generation of stupid catchphrases.

cafo cofo

AND IT'S YOUR NOT YO, STUPID SICK FREAKS. Your cousin is ashamed of your pronounciation.
"You're so stupid." "You slept with your cousin."

"What's up?" "Your cousin!" "That's suggestive." "Go rape a cadaver."
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The ultimate response to "your sister a mister". It beats every other insult in the world. If kim yong un tells Donald Trump " your sister a mister" he would probably answer " Your cousin a muslim". He will triggered third world war and USA economy will tear apart.
billy: "your sister a mister"
kenny: "No u "

billy: " No u"
kenny: "No u"
billy: " Your cousin a muslim"
kenny: *His head explodes and instantly fucking dies"
by juanbombel March 22, 2018
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When you and your friend already made all the come backs you can, and this is your only last rhyming opinion of a comeback.
Melanie: your mom’s a big gay
Hayley: your dad’s a lesbian

Melanie: your granny’s a tranny
Hayley: your brother’s a mother
Melanie: your cousin’s a muslim
by Shoenightgoodys May 31, 2018
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1.A phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. Often, it is used at the end of a boring story to make it seem more interesting and worthwhile. Alternate versions of this phrase include "and then I found five dollars" and "and then I kicked a hobo", however, this phrase emphasizes how we are all really "cousins" in a universal context, suggesting that it is ok to fuck your cousin.

2. Often used as a true statement.
Max: Everything was great! We were all getting drunk, having a good time... and then I fucked your cousin...
Pedro:Well, at least your sister is now up for grabs...
by The Gerb May 18, 2010
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A phrase used at the end of a rather boring story to see if the listener was truly paying attention.
Person 1: "..and then I went to the mall to get these oh-so fabulous shoes, and then..."

Person 2: *Snores*"...."

Person 1: "And then I fucked your cousin."

Person 2: "Wait what?!?"
by Therapist420 February 18, 2014
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One of the worst things you can say to someone, especially if you are losing an arguement. Once used, the victim(s) involved will instantly have their license to live revoked.
Quinn: Your mom gay

Brad: Your dad lesbian
Kevin: Your brother a mother
Yanni: Your sister a mister
Colin: Your granny a tranny
Earl: Your grandpap a trap
Devin: Your niece obese
Sal: Your cousin a water moccasin

*All but Sal's existence instantly get wiped out*
by crazysubaruL3GACYej20 February 16, 2023
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