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Being in a top tier fraternity, dressing like a true frat star. Wearing some of the basic frat star gear consisting of Southern Proper, Southern Marsh, Southern Tide, Southern Point, Guy Harvey, Columbia pfg, Mountain hardware, North face, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren button-ups, bow ties, Sperry Top siders, Raybans, mirrored lense costa del mars with the croakies and depending on preference usually a white adjustable hat with your school logo or mascot on it(not a fucking flat brim snapback bullshit). Must pull mad tail or otherwise known as slam pieces and pee in their butts. Must get shitty or rage face a good majority of the week but don't fuck up in school or neglect your school work like a fucking GDI. Treat southern belles with proper respect except in the bedroom. Must drink bourbon whiskey, drink all sorts of beer(only shit made in merica), most likely us some sort of tobacco product may it be dip, chew or cigs. And last DON'T ACT LIKE A FUCKING GDI!
Frabro 1- What are you getting into today bro?

Frabro 2- Getting fucked up and if I make it, probably a round of golf.

Frabro 1- Fratty......Fratty.
by Frabro February 28, 2012
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