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The only public school that kids living in Larchmont and Mamaroneck can go to. Known for its open campus, excessive amounts of clubs/extra curricular activities, and academic programs. In athletics Mamaroneck's baseball team won states in 08/09. Has a great field hockey/Tennis teams, terrible football team, average everything else. The school has one of the best music programs in the tri-state area. Still suffers from basic school problems like no budget (despite the ridiculously high property taxes), lack of student parking, and terrible tenured teachers. Has a very large population of Jews and Latinos alongside the standard white christians, but few blacks. Most are wealthy and have cars which they attempt to find nearby parking for. The majority of students are generic prepy kids who wear nice cloths or t-shirts with jeans or shorts. According to a single survey given in 2006, Mamaroneck high is #1 in the state and #2 in the country for drinking (bullshit). Many smoke pot regularly but not everyone. Kids at Mamaroneck high are educated in safe sex and therefore arent too stupid to use a condom (most of the time), resulting in few teen pregnancies. Mamaroneck students almost all graduate and most go higher end schools spread around the country for undergrad.
Average Mamaroneck Highschool conversation:
Boy: "Hey we both have 3rd period free. Want to go across the street to Walters Hot Dogs for lunch?"
Girl: "No thanks i have to go to the library and study for AP biology."
by Former Mamk student August 15, 2011

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