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There are two types of domestics

1. Regular cheap econocars, Geo's, Dodge Neons, Cavaliers, Aveos, Saturn, Ford Focus. They are good for up to 30,000 miles or whenever there is a factory recall. Whichever comes first at which point you recycle them for scrap metal.

2. Loud bangers. These gas-guzzling behemoths are cheap imitations of Italian and other European luxury cars which manage to leave them in the dust and still look luxurious. They are impractical, ugly and come preinstalled with truck engines. If one pulls up beside you at a red light, you should close your windows to keep the noise out . They are only useful for driving in a straight line, its such a pity that real roads have bends and turns. They are impractical due to 55mph speed limit and 99% of these cars will never race on a real race track. Often drivin by 16 year old girls at drivers ed.

domestics have a built in odometer limiter for Planned obsolescence.
At 20,000 miles the transmission must be replaced, at 30,000 miles, all internal panels are cracked open and at 50,000 miles the car automatically disassembles itself and the engine falls right of the car. The interior is built with cheap plastics.
If you domestic makes it to 100,000 consider yourself a record breaker.

As gas prices soared and a recession hit, educated and useful members of society decided that 10mpg is a bad way to get to work, and invested instead in Toyota Prius and Honda Insights which quietly get upwards of 55mpg and do not leave a burning rubber smell and loud rumble sounds at every traffic stop. Young enthusiasts swear they own a "muscle car" but professional car reviewers laugh them off as a piece of sht.

If you want a good car, get a real Porsche, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti.
Ford Mustang - The drivers ed vehicle of choice for all 16 year old girls with a learners permit. Usually equipped with flowmaster mufflers.

Domestic banger - a trashy car fitted with a truck engine that runs on taxpayer bailout money. They beg for more and more bailout money because they make expensive junk that nobody buys. Not even Americans. No educated professional drives one, opting instead for European luxury cars or Japanese Hybrids. Domestic bangers are driven by teenagers, mechanics and nascar fans. Manages to produce a V6, generating all of 105hp

Corvette - If you stop beside a corvette at a red light, you can observe that the driver is a mom or grandmother.

Toyota outsells every other brand in the domestic market. Even the workers at domestic plants would rather buy an import over a domestic.

Pontiac Aztek - Inspired by the design of a trash truck
Chevy Avalanche - Car made of rubber

See also - Time magazine worst cars of all time.
by FordGirl July 28, 2009
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