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The largest U.S. state currently allowing illegal aliens to:

1. Sneak over the border from Mexico (i.e. break the law).
2. Squat and receive financial and medical aid using false citizenship documentation (i.e. break the law).
3. Garner far-left political, moronic Hollywood-based entertainers and general far-left public support while whining about being the original proprietors of the land (i.e. ignoring the fact that they're actually third in line behind the Native American and the African American).
4. Commit violent crimes and overcrowd the state's prisons.
5. Tar roofs.
6. Clean toilets.
7. Give birth to multiple children -- while living a minimum-wage existence -- and refuse to insist that they speak proper English which would position the children to actually have a shot at breaking the family's impoverished, bottom-feeding pattern of living.
8. Drive.
9. Drive drunk and kill legal citizens.
10. Dishonor the original premise of immigration (LEGAL immigration, that is), which is a great thing, and the entire foundation on which this country was built.
"For some reason, many people in California refuse to acknowledge the fact that the problem with the security of our country is not immigration...it's ILLEGAL immigration."

"California welcomes and harbors illegal aliens."

"Many people in California are more concerned with small-picture minutia affecting the social climate, rather than big-picture security and economic issues affecting whether or not innocent people live or die."
by Florida Evans October 23, 2008
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