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Folks who decorate their cars with every magnetic ribbon they can buy in a gas station. One is never enough....
The parking lot is filled with ribbon-patriots today!
by Flatline Hutchison June 10, 2005
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Any current or future war that has the potential to last as long as the Vietnam war lasted for the U.S.
After Donald Rumsfeld declared on June 26, 2005, that the war in Iraq could last another 12 years, I thought that Iraq just might qualify as a Vietnam-class war!
by Flatline Hutchison June 28, 2005
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Employing a camel to help protect U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and possibly other areas of the Mideast.
Camelflauge was a highly superior defense option in the Fallujah battle than camouflauge.
by Flatline Hutchison March 01, 2005
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