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A video chat site with rooms that feature 12 webcams with unlimited viewers and known for mod abuse. The mods in Tinychat rooms usually ban users to censor speech.
"Everyone bans me on Tinychat I can't say anything on this site."
by FirstNations September 22, 2021
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The worst 12 webcam video chat site with unlimited viewers in the history of the internet. Tinychat directory is lame listing same rooms over and over again. And the Tinychat mods censor Tinychat users like we live in communist China by banning and kicking for no reason. Tinychat is known for having the most butthurt mod abuse mods in the history of video chat sites online.
Tinychat User #1, "No one censors me on Tinychat!"
Tinychat Mod #1, "Bans Tinychat User #1"
Tinychat User #2, "Mod abuse!"
Tinychat Mod #1, "Bans Tinychat User #2"
by FirstNations September 14, 2021
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