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The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It is the fastest growing motorsport sanctioning body in the world, and has divisions in the US, Canada, Mexico, and now Europe. It is commonly used as the object of bigotry by many people, claiming only trashy southern people watch and compete in it and that the cars only make left turns. NASCAR competes on a wide variety of ovals and a handful of lengthy road courses in its top-two divisions, and the majority of incoming drivers that are hired into the Sprint Cup Series actually come from the north in this day and age. Contrary to popular belief, auto racing is very physically demanding,with a driver typically losing 10 pounds during a race. It also does require skill, and even road course racing veterans experience difficulties on ovals when they crossover to NASCAR.
1st guy: Hey, did you watch the NBA last night?

2nd guy: Nah, I was watching a great NASCAR race.

1st guy: Why do you watch a bunch of rednecks in cars make left turns?

2nd guy: Why do you watch a bunch of black guys in shorts run back and forth?
by Firehawk2410 June 18, 2012

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The largest brand of General Motors and one of the greatest automobile brands ever created. It is often mocked for being a low-quality brand which is a common myth associated with American cars. "Chevys" are known for producing high-powered muscle cars, dependable pickups and SUVs, and now the most fuel-efficient compact cars on the road. They are produced with the same amount of quality and effort you will find in any Toyota, Honda, or Ford.
1st guy: I just got a new Toyota Corolla! It gets 34 mpg on the highway!

2nd guy: That's great man! My Chevrolet Cruze gets 42 mpg on the highway. I just traded my Corolla for it. You know, I wanted to save money on gas and all that.
by Firehawk2410 June 18, 2012

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