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a high school called orange high school uses the quote quod potero sedulo thinking that it means "whatever i do i do to the best of my abilities" when in fact it actually means be able to pay. however they are that clueless about it they just say that the person who said that is wrong. it's also hypocritical considering that school funding is shit like you would expect.
you: hey? remember when we searched up that stupid quote from our school and found out what it actually meant?

person 2: the quod potero sedulo one?

me: yeah, that one.

person 2: oh yeah, that was stupid.
by Firegear1234 December 13, 2020
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When your boredom reaches maximum compacity so you type in what the search bar says.
Me: I am the most bored person in the world!
Random person: have you typed type any word... in urban dictionary?
Me: u r clearly more bored than I am
by Firegear1234 October 31, 2019
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