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Helena is the COOLEST name a girl could have. Helena's are VERY athletic. She likes hanging out with dudes but she DOSENT like them. She loves guys that are strong and cool. She has the best relationships with dudes whos name starts with W M and J. She is very popular. Some Helena's have like 2 or 3 girls that are super close to her and hangs out with them regularly. She is friends with everyone and VERY bubbly. Hilarious and cute too. :)
Dude: Helena is so bubbly and fun.

Another dude: ya she is nice to everyone!

Third dude that has a M in his name: she is so cute 😄❤
by Fionna Ninja April 26, 2013
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A fionna ninja is AWESOME!!!! It is only given to you. The person that has a H in the begging of his or her name is a fionna ninja.

There is also a monkey ninja, THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD !!!!!! They are the best climbers and very sneaky😁
Random dude: Helena is a fionna ninja!!!

Another dude: yea!!!
by Fionna ninja May 07, 2013
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