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There are two main types of festival flu.

The first one is the Music festival flu. Which usually hits post event and is caused by the lapses in personal hygiene, diet and altered sleep patterns that can occur during a music festival. This type of festival flu is self inflicted.

The Second type is the Comedy festival and Fringe festival flu. This type caused by night after night of attending late night events in close approximation with many other people with similarly lapsed immune systems due to varying factors. While it is most common for this to be a post event flu, it can often crop up during the festival as it spreads. And it is important for people with festival flu to keep their distance from and refrain from shagging the festival performers as they cannot afford to lose their voices.
Comic: Hey there, care for a drink gorgeous?

Fringe dweller: I'm sorry I can't I have festival flu.

Comic: Oh... I better keep my distance. Some other time maybe.
by Figments October 13, 2011
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