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A tight-knit, all-female, former seminary in Southwestern Virginia (emphasis on *former*). Home of The Bitches on The Hill (MBC overlooks Staunton - a perfect position to reign). VWIL (Virginia Women's Insititute for Leadership), Trads (Traditional Students) and the occasional PEG (Program for the Exceptionally Gifted) are notorious within the Southern VA community... alcohol is consumed just as one would drink water, and cigarettes are smoked just as one would breathe oxygen. Sweet-tea drinking intellectual southern honeys by day, top-shelf drinking badass motherfuckers by night. Spend one year or six here, and you're a Baldwin Girl forever (and you'll never have better-looking calves).
There are no examples. Only the real thing can be seen at Mary Baldwin.
by Fighting Squirrel August 04, 2006

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