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Tremendous Island Nation.

Seeing as Ireland's economy is on the rocks at the moment I though it'd be nice to remember some of the things that we can be proud of while we're on the road to recovery! (Oh and while I'm bored offshore!)

There's a disproportionately high amount of stuff to be proud of for such a small country... IRELAND IS AWESOME!!!

1: Seamus Heaney (Yes England your Poet Laureate was once Irish! )
2: WB Yeats
3: George Bernard Shaw
4: Brian Friel
5: James Joyce (Possibly the most significant writer of the 20th Century)
6: Jonathan Swift
7: Samuel Beckett

Entertainment and Arts:
Where do we start here?!
1: U2
2: Enya
3: Riverdance
4: Daniel O Donnell
5: The Chieftans
6: Van Morrisson
7: Damien Rice
8: The Corrs
9: Sinead O' Connor
10: Clannad
11: The Cranberries
12: Westlife
13: Boyzone
14: The Pogues/Shane McGowan (Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them now would it?!)
15: Seven... Yes SEVEN Eurovision wins. Who else has done that???
16: Johnny Logan

Science and Exploration:
1: Robert Boyle (Boyles law's)
2: John Tyndall (Now you know why the sky is blue!)
3: Ernest Walton (Nuclear physicist)
4: Lord Kelvin.... Now why does "Kelvin" sound familiar???
5: Ernest Shackleton... Enough Said!

1: Munster Rugby
2: Irelands rugby team. Grand Slam Winners 2009
3: Padraig Harrington. (Golfing Sensation)
4: Irelands Cricket Team (Surprisingly successful all of a sudden!)

We have three. Yes THREE UNESCO World Heritage Sites!!!
1: Skellig Michael
2: Bend of the Boyne
3: The Giants Causeway

That's all I can think of for now. Pretty amazing for 15mins research online. =D

" Ireland, IRELAND, together standing tall.
Shoulder, to shoulder....We'll answer IRELAND's CALL!!! "
Republic Of Ireland
by Feemers June 10, 2009
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