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When you repeatedly slap hands or "high-five" a fellow bro
At the frat party i met some of my bro's bros. We all gave each other bro-fives to get aquainted before we played beer pong
by Fatt Minnigan June 15, 2009
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When you're at a show and the breakdowns make you punch emo kids... you moshin kid.
I was at this zyq slayer show and i moshin on some "parachute pants" kids
by Fatt Minnigan June 15, 2009
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-To punch and or kick people standing in the crowd while moshin at a hardcore show.

-To work the crowd.

This almost always is follwed by a fight started by the emo or goth who is afraid to get hit and lashes out when they get rolled on
I was moshin at the zyq hatebreed show and felt the need to do crowd work on all the emos and faggots just standing around dreaming about hot topic. I think i broke someones brain when i spinkicked there face.
by Fatt Minnigan June 15, 2009
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Kids that hang out at the mall and suck each other off while listening to slipknot and think they are tough as nails.

If you cant name a local band from your hometown chances are you are not hardcore... You are mallcore.

Mallcore bands: killswitch engage, shadows fall, all that remains, horse the band, deicide, bleeding through... And so on.

Disclaimer: just because your band is in hot topic doesn't make you mallcore. But if the average person that likes your band is under 15 and has parachute pants eye makeup and dyed hair you are now popular enough to be considered a mallcore band. This does not make your band bad but it only drives away real music fans and older crowds from buying your cds and going to your shows.
Mallgoth: Dude i was at the killswitch engage show and some local band opened and were mad good. Too bad i spent my allowance on kse merch. Otherwise i might have bought that local bands cd.

Sean Connery: thats because your mallcore ya wee fuckin girl!!
by Fatt Minnigan June 17, 2009
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