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Part is another way to say Reverse Trap (Female cross dressing as a male). By reversing the word you also reverse the meaning.

It is also said that Parts came up because of how the different sexes sit. Males often sit with parted legs to have space for the balls. So a sign of masculinity is parted legs hence calling those that are trying to look masculine Parts.
Warts: Man I love Traps. They make life that much easier.

Bobu: I’m more of a Part person myself.

Warts: Part?

Bobu: Like reverse-Trap. You reverse the word and have it mean girls that dress like guys. Like if I reversed ur name it would mean straw, the size of ur peen ~Laugh~

Warts: Should you really be making jokes like that after falling for my Bear-trap?...wait, how do you even know my name??

Bobu: Im sorry! Please help me get out of this thing.
by FartSucker84 February 22, 2021
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