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izen't  /ˈɪzent/ :

contraction of not zen.

A word to describe someone who copy and pastes random Buddhist or Middle Eastern religious and philosophical quotes to look cool. A person who thinks that buying bonsai trees, concrete lawn/garden statues of the Buddha, and tied dyed shirts with the Aum symbol, will make them Buddhist.

Someone who uses bits and pieces of Middle Eastern religious philosophies to appear better than everyone else and to also look cool to the novice.

One who says or copy/pastes Buddhist or other Eastern Religious sayings to justify very unBuddhist like behavior.

This is especially true when done on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
"Is she Zen? No she izen't."

"She thought spouting quotes from the Dalai Lama to make herself look Zen would work....but drinking and cheating on her husband while he was at work supporting her lazy ass proved she izen't."
by Fantom of the Whorpera January 21, 2010

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