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1 definition by FanofmusicthatsnotUHH

1. The Underground Hip Hop Syndrome, or simply UHH Syndrome, is the process of not agreeing with someone and removing their definitions from this website. I had 2 definitions of 'underground hip hop' posted here just recently, until some sick deranged spambot decided to remove it. This is not a threat, just the that's only ONE side of the story.
2. The other side is their 'dark' side, as I proclaim it to be. The fans love their artists to a certain extent. ONE music video made by their favorite artist and they will claim that the artist/group lost it's 'talent and luster'. Anyone who disagrees with me is just ignoring the truth. It seems as if rappers like Immortal Technique don't deserve more fans than they already have...hell, I wouldn't mind seeing him go mainstream. Lupe Fiasco is mainstream and yet he, IMO, is more talented than Immortal Technique.

To the guy who removed my definitions: TEH INTERNETZ IZ SRS BUSINESS (the internet is serious business)
Now agree with me (the anonymous wimp who removed my definitions)...if you remove this, then it's obvious you're infected by the Underground Hip Hop syndrome. You poor thing...
by FanofmusicthatsnotUHH July 11, 2010
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