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Various carts--i.e. shopping carts and or baskets--strapped together for use of homeless people to transport their worldly possessions. The longer the cart, or bum chariot, the more materialistic, and thus, un-bum-like the individual is to be considered. A true bum chariot is a group of one or more carts attached to a bicycle, where the homeless person in question would be considered the driver, and the useless crap he has for whatever reason assembled would be considered the chariot itself.
Joe: Oh, no. Here comes Smelly Pete.
Jill: Wait...is he on a bike?
Joe: Oh, my God! He is! He's got himself a bum chariot!
Jill: Way to go, Pete!
by Falconkicks March 15, 2011
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The opposite of somebody who fears foreigners/strangers: the xenophobe, comes the far more annoying counterpart: the xenophile. Looks for any and every reason to strike up a conversation with a stranger in any and every situation, especially in situations where it would be considered odd to do such a thing--i.e. on an elevator, the bus or next stall in a public bathroom. Xenophiles typically are undaunted by a person who repeatedly gives signs that they do not want to, or are not into socializing, and will continue their onslaught of endless questions or observations, regardless of this. In most cases, a true xenophile will only use another person as a front to talk out loud, and hence, expressing their own ideas and opinions so that others will be forced into hear them. Often, a xenophile conversation will continue on and on without the other person's/victim's giving the xenophile any encouragement to do so.
People sitting quietly, reading periodicals in a Library. Fidgety man looking around at everybody and every thing except the reading material he has in his hand. One person happens to clear their throat.
Xenophile, instantly: "Oh, are you sick? I guess there's a bug going around. Lucky for me I haven't caught one yet, of course, this time of year I almost often do."
Instantly-regretting-clearing-their-throat person:"....Oh."
Undaunted Xenophile: "So, what's your name?"
by Falconkicks March 15, 2011
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