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someone who has an inherant ability to make themselves look like a fool sometimes.

someone who has just said or done something ridiculous or embarrassing.

someone who has the ability to be a massive geefer.

Wide range of applications... pretty much anyone who you think deserves to be called a PÚSS

Can even be used as a greeting
1."Look at that guy trying to climb through a glass window..

what a Commodore PÚSS!"

2. Two friends meet in a club: "Safe Púss"

(reply: "Saaaafe Púss")

3. "Look at that geezer over there wearing a giant propeller hat... haha hes such a Commodore PÚSS!!"

4. Guy1: "Why is it always me?"

Guy2: " 'Cos you're a Commodore PÚSS.. sorry mate but its true"
by Face_Pack_Diddliana September 18, 2009

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