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Possibly the most astoundingly shit director who ever lived. He has crucified such shit films as Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire, Mona Lisa Smile and Pushing Tin, not as if the last two films were going to be good anyway. He completely hashed GoF, and i have no doubt he will continue to take a steaming shit on good scripts in the future as long as he breathes the air to which he is unworthy.
Person 1: Oh look, Mike Newell! Hey, i've got something for you.
Mike: Hello there! Yes, of course i'll accept your present, but what is it?
Person 1: It's a baton so you can sodomize yourself after you've raped yet another shit film and screwed the public out of their money.
by Fu Manchu May 12, 2006

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British vulgarity:

1. One who masturbates.

2. Generic insult; interchangeable with stupid, idiot, retard, cretin etc.

Particularly useful when shouting at incompetent passers-by/drivers from your car or a distance away.
1. She caught you wanking, you wanker.

2. Shut up you wanker.
The wanker crashed my car.
Get off my bonnet you fucking Chav wankers!
by Fu Manchu June 09, 2006

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