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A strong beautiful independent woman who doesn't need a mans help because she can do it all. Has amazing curves that even gets both male and females attention. A total milf. If you are loved by Jill she will do anything for you, neglecting her own needs. She lives in her own world. She only notices people she finds interesting, everyone else gets the cold shoulder. Tends to keep to herself. Straight forward, and down to the point. No patience for people who lack common sense. An open minded individual who seeks understanding and spiritual enlightenment. Very sensual and passionate that she may even resemble a succubus. Because one night with Jill will take every ounce of energy you have. She will suck the life force out of you. Hates people but loves animals. If you are with a Jill treat her right and she will be the most precious person in your life.
Guy 1"Bro did you just see that milf with the nice rack"
Guy 2"Yeah she totally rushed passed me and didn't even notice anyone around.
Guy1 " Shes a total Jill for sure."
by FOB YO June 19, 2017

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