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A parody-musical based on the Harry Potter-books. You'll find it on Youtube, or one of your friends (or even a total stranger) will nag you to see it in the near future.

The reason the phrase "totally awesome" now can trigger anything from a laughter-fit to a blank stare.

Often referred to as AVPM or VPM online.
Friend 1: That car was totally awesome!
Friend 2 collapses in laughter.
Friend 1: What? What's so funny about that?
Friend 2: You just reminded me of AVPM.
Friend 1: A what?
Friend 2: A Very Potter Musical! Come, I'll show you!
Friend 3: Again? Those songs get stuck in my head so easily, I'll be humming them for the next three days.
by FIND! July 19, 2009
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