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A Big Submariner is the commander of submariners. They are usually small infants that wear horridly stinky poopy diapers. This strange phenomenon is usually seen at their den, which is kind of like a river now. They are also known to participate in the act of human sacrifice by pushing pregnant women in front of trains. Remember to watch out for when he submerges, for hearing a Big Sub's whine is the equivalence of listening to an airplane go super sonic.
Me: My god, sir are you okay?
Old man: No, me be seein' one in Lexington
Me: Saw what?
Old man: It be huge, son. I be seein' one of 'em Big Submariners...
Me: Oh my, that must've been terrible
Old man: Aye! It almost took me hearin'
Me: My god, what a terrible thing to see, I'm glad you lived!
by Explosivechicken Reilig June 30, 2010

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